HIFU Treatment for Prostate Cancer

Here’s Why You Should Consider HIFU Treatment for Prostate Cancer

Hifu ManagementA diagnosis of prostate cancer can be incredibly frightening and a time of great uncertainty. Traditional prostate cancer treatment options have long included surgery and radiation, but even these treatment options are limited when considering their comorbidities and the treatment’s risk-vs-benefit to the patient.

For these patients and many others seeking a less-invasive approach to treating their prostate cancer, High Intensity Focused Ultrasound, or HIFU, may present that ideal treatment option. HIFU is a revolutionary treatment for prostate cancer which works by ablating prostate tissue using the Sonablate 450 ultrasound, created by SonaCare Medical.

What does high intensity focused ultrasound mean for you as the patient? Well firstly, no cutting! This is advantageous because it reduces the chance of an open-wound infection and also does not restrict those patients from the HIFU procedure who may be on blood thinners and/or require cardiac clearance. Furthermore, HIFU—when compared to other prostate cancer treatment options—reduce the risk for causing other sometimes severe side effects and harming other healthy tissue in the process.

Why is HIFU Different?
Both traditional surgical and radiation treatments have long been known to often cause secondary health issues, namely incontinence and impotence, both of which can further reduce your quality of life during an already difficult time. For example, with regards to surgery, the patient’s sphincter muscle can be inadvertently damaged, contributing to urine leakage that requires sometimes indefinite use of pads or other surgical incontinence treatments.

Unlike traditional invasive treatment options, HIFU is able to offer minimally invasive yet precise treatment to the diseased tissue. Thus, the risk of incontinence and impotence may be reduced with HIFU. Most importantly, HIFU treatment success rates are effective in treating prostate cancer and provide another less invasive treatment option.

HIFU Today
In October 2015, HIFU was granted approval by the FDA for its use in treating prostate cancer, despite its use, results and familiarity elsewhere in the world. Thus far, HIFU has been used to treat over 50,000 men around the world, and has been a draw for thousands to leave the United States to seek this treatment before 2015. This is great news for men diagnosed with prostate cancer in considering this effective, less-invasive treatment option as well as gaining greater accessibility to the newest prostate cancer treatment.

A diagnosis of prostate cancer can be overwhelming and present a time of uncertainty. Our team at UCB is here to help you understand your treatment options. Click Here to schedule an appointment.